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Here's what's happening in May

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Generative AI, Guardrails and ChatGPT | Q&A ABC

Artificial intelligence has moved from sci-fi fantasy to everyday use in facial recognition, deepfakes and ChatGPT to fake royals, social media spying, nuclear energy and a growing AI army - how will science remake our world?


Doctors, lawyers need peer support | QLS Proctor

Doctors and lawyers share many similarities in the way they work, the stresses they face and the high standards they are expected to maintain.

So in an Australian first, the Queensland Law Society is holding an inaugural, guided, peer-to-peer support network presentation, featuring prominent members of the legal profession.

There is renewed scrutiny on the government's gendered violence plan. What is it? | ABC News

A series of gendered violence deaths has brought a moment of fresh national reckoning. With it has come renewed scrutiny on the actions of governments. The federal government's response has been to stick to its plan – specifically, the National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children, agreed by federal, state and territory leaders in October 2022.


Lessons for lawyers from Robodebt with Justin Greggery KC | The Callover

The Robodebt Scheme, introduced in late 2016, used income averaging techniques derived from data held by the ATO to raise debts and implement a reverse onus on recipients to disprove the amounts owed. The Scheme was ultimately found to have been unlawful and the consequences of the scheme were far reaching. On this episode of The Callover, hear from Justin Greggery KC, the Senior Counsel Assisting in the Royal Commission into Robodebt Scheme as he explains what lawyers should learn from the Royal Commission’s findings.


Justin has been practicing for over 20 years. From 2000 to 2006, he prosecuted numerous trials and appeals for the Director of Public Prosecution in Queensland before commencing private practice in 2006 and developing additional areas of practice including tort, administrative, commercial and succession law.   In 2017, Justin was appointed as a King’s Counsel. He has served on the Bar Council for the Bar Association of Queensland and is currently the Ethics Counsellor for the Bar Association Queensland and the President of the North Queensland Bar Association.


Your HECS and paid placement questions answered | Triple J Hack

What does "wiping" $3 billion in HECS debt actually mean? And why are paid placements limited to certain degrees? Will the date of indexation be changing? We ask Education Minister Jason Clare your questions about the big changes coming for students. 


Without fear or favour: exploring Queensland’s legal system | SCLQ

Supreme Court Library Queensland’s free exhibition Without fear or favour: exploring Queensland’s legal system uncovers significant developments that have shaped law in Queensland. 

Explore significant cases that have shaped the law, discover the history of the states legal system, investigate the development of the Criminal Code 1899 (Qld), and more!