What's Happening | June 2023

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Here's what's happening in June

We're back with your monthly list of things to keep you occupied, informed and entertained!


Four Corners: Hiding Behind Tombstones (ABC) (CW: child abuse)

“Five years on from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, survivors seeking compensation in civil claims are being thwarted by extraordinary legal tactics that they say make their quest for proper compensation harder than ever.”


Men, caring and parenting: The values ‘tug of war’ in law firms

Gerard Petersen writes for Lawyers Weekly about the “tug of war” between male law firm partners from different generations. He notes “there is a real stigma attached to men, caregiving and parenting, which needs redress.”

National Reconciliation Week is here. What does it represent and why is it significant?

At time of publishing, it is National Reconciliation Week 2023. Each year it begins on 27 May, the anniversary of the successful 1967 referendum on changing the constitution to count Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the census, and to allow the Commonwealth to make laws for them. It ends on 3 June, the anniversary of the Mabo decision, which led to the Native Title Act 1993. This year, NRW is particularly significant ahead of the Voice to Parliament referendum.


The Callover season 2, episode four: How to prepare for your first trial or sentence with Nick Dore

Preparing for your first trial or sentence can be intimidating and stressful, but on this episode of The Callover, we try to make it a little easier by seeking advice from Nick Dore, Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law and Managing Principal of Fisher Dore Lawyers, a leading criminal law firm in Queensland.  

Tilé and Olly Meets

There’s a new podcast by Queensland-based lawyers! Tilé and Olly Meets is hosted by Tilé Imo (Senior Lawyer, Caxton Legal Centre and Secretary of the Pasifika Lawyers Association Queensland) and Olamide Kowalik (Senior Counsel, Revolution Law), with a focus on diversity in the legal profession.


Young Lawyers Ball

It’s finally time for the Young Lawyers Ball, after a little break (no prizes for guessing why)! We’ve been hyping it up for ages now, but promise it will live up to said hype. If you still haven’t got your tickets, you better hurry, because it’s on next Friday, 10 June! If you grab 3 friends, you can even get a discounted group ticket.