What's Happening | September 2023

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Here's what's happening in September

We're back with your monthly list of things to keep you occupied, informed and entertained!


Sexual Offenders in QLD to be named before court under law reforms (ABC)

Accused rapists can soon be named before being committed to stand trial after Queensland law change.

Read the Queensland Government media statement here. 

Mel Scott on TikTok 

If you are ever in need of some awesome big sis advice, check out Mel Scott on TikTok!  
Melissa Scott has worked in-house for eight years across multiple industries. She is a passionate advocate for all things in-house and shares helpful career insights for law students and graduates.


Time management tips for productivity

Managing your time is crucial to your success in the legal profession, no matter what role you play. The Practice Advisory Service Team has put together some tips to help you manage your time more effectively.

Calls for courts to better acknowledge family violence in property settlement cases 

The Federal Government wants instances of family violence to be given greater consideration in property settlements between separating couples, to better recognise the ongoing financial impact of abuse. Family violence has been a factor for courts in ruling on the division of assets in the past, but it has never been explicitly included in the Family Law Act.


The Callover season 2, episode ten: Understanding Mental Health First Aid with Denise Marshall

R U OK Day is held annually to remind us to check in with ourselves, our friends, family, and colleagues and encourage us to connect with those around us on the topic of mental health and aim to prevent social isolation and suicide.


On this episode of The Callover, we hear from Denise Marshall, a Legal & Workplace Culture Consultant with the Queensland Law Society. Denise shares the importance of protecting our mental health as legal professionals, why R U OK Day matters and provide us with some practical tips and key takeaways from the QLS Mental Health First Aid Course.


Family Law Conference

Don’t miss out on Queensland’s premier education event in Family Law!

The conference will bring together professionals and experts in the field of family law to exchange knowledge, discuss emerging trends, and explore best practices. Whether you are a domestic family violence solicitor, counsel, mediator, or researcher, this conference is a must-attend event for anyone involved in family law.

Modern Advocate Lecture Series three

If you can’t make that first panel, or want to hear even more about the Voice, you can attend this panel discussion hosted by Holding Redich on 25 May. Moderator Mikaela French will oversee the panel, comprising Dr Josephine Bourne, Kent Blore, and Leeonee Thompson.