What's Happening | October 2023

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Here's what's happening in October

We're back with your monthly list of things to keep you occupied, informed, and entertained!


Historic legislation to criminalise coercive control in Queensland is introduced in parliament | ABC News 

Coercive control will become a standalone criminal offence in Queensland, under historic proposed laws introduced by the Palaszczuk government on 11 October.


Are you ready to vote?

On Saturday, 14 October 2023, Australians will have their say in a referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia through an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice enshrined in our Constitution.

For those who have never voted in a referendum before — or for those who need a refresher — here are all the details you need to know to get ready to vote.

Care should be taken with file notes

 Solicitors take file notes of conversations and meetings as a matter of course. However, precisely because taking file notes can become routine, may sometimes mean that insufficient thought is given to the purpose of making file notes and in particular their potential for use as evidence in a proceeding.

This article will consider the use which can be made of file notes in evidence, and particular matters which should be kept in mind by practitioners to ensure that they comply with their ethical and professional obligations.

A more just Australia for people with disability

Implementation of the recommendations of the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability will make a vital contribution to ensuring a more inclusive and just Australia which supports people with disability to live independently and in safety, the Law Council of Australia said on 6 October 2023.


The Callover season 2, episode seven: Good journalism and the legal system with Russell Marks

There’s a new podcast by Queensland-based lawyers! Tilé and Olly Meets is hosted by Tilé Imo (Senior Lawyer, Caxton Legal Centre and Secretary of the Pasifika Lawyers Association Queensland) and Olamide Kowalik (Senior Counsel, Revolution Law), with a focus on diversity in the legal profession.


Modern Advocate Lecture Series: Lecture Three | 24 October 2023

Our final lecture from our prestigious Modern Advocate Lecture Series takes you on a comprehensive journey into the intricacies of preparing for and appearing at a trial in the Federal Court. Justice Downes will address issues relating to the identification of necessary evidence, preparation of witnesses (and ethical issues relating to the same), development of a case theory followed by the presentation of the case at trial, including objections to evidence, opening, and closing submissions, and examination of witnesses.

Don’t miss your chance to ask Her Honour questions live!