What's Happening | April edition

Image credit: Pavel Danilyuk

Here's what's happening in April

Summer is officially over, but there are still plenty of things going on in April. Livestreams, podcasts, holidays - we’ve got it all here for you!


Immigration in Focus: the Djokovic debate

In January 2022, Australian media outlets and legal commentators exploded with coverage of the Novak Djokovic deportation; shining a high-profile spotlight onto a discrete immigration (and administrative) law issue. This livestream will examine the Novak Djokovic debate—and break down the major immigration law issues at play.

The livestream takes place at 12:15pm on 20 April.


Social media is in-house counsel’s business

Social media isn’t going anywhere, especially as Gen Z continues to join the workforce. This article on QLS Proctor explains why in-house counsel should be involved in social media strategies, as prevention is better than cure!

8 reasons why embracing and learning about neurodiversity may help you become a better lawyer

Did you know April is World Autism Month? The Neurodiverse Lawyer on Instagram shares her experience as an autistic lawyer. She also posts about how you can better support your neurodivergent colleagues - or how they can support you if you yourself are neurodivergent!


Protégé: The path to international law as a new lawyer

This episode of the Lawyers Weekly podcast is a great one for Early Career Lawyers. Sadaf Azimi, a post-graduate law student with experience in the international law space, provides loads of tips for new lawyers interested in entering the international sphere.

Listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

The Callover: Making mistakes and navigating ethical issues with Dan Rogers

We all make mistakes. What's important is what you do when you've discovered it. Dan Rogers is the Principal and Legal Director at Robertson O'Gorman Solicitors and regularly represents lawyers in professional discipline matters.

On this episode, Dan talks about some practical steps you can take when you realise you've made a mistake to ensure you're complying with all your ethical and profession obligations and how to seek practical help if you need it. 

Listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


Get Sleepy

Once you finish engaging your brain, it’s time to switch it off. If you have trouble falling asleep even after a long, tiring day, sleep stories are your new best friend. Listen to the soothing voices of the narrators as they lull you to sleep, talking about anything from a retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to the history of the Rosetta Stone.

Listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


Easter holidays

April 15-18 is Easter long weekend. Whether you celebrate or not, it’s always nice to have a 4-day weekend! If you haven’t already got plans, why not take advantage of your QLS membership to book a getaway? There are great discounts to be had on all sorts of accommodation, from as far away as Broome to something a little closer to home in Brisbane.

Netflix workout

Do you feel like you simply don’t have time to do everything? Well, you can combine exercise and downtime with this simple Netflix cardio workout video! It feels great to get some blood flowing after a long day spent at a desk. After all, we know that sitting down too much can be detrimental, and that exercise is great for mental health as well as physical. The exercises in the video are really simple so there’s little to no learning curve, and there’s no sound except for a beep telling you to change it up, so you can actually pay attention to your shows while getting some movement in – win win!

That's all for April. See you back here again at the start of May!