What's Happening | February edition

Here's what's happening in February

Stuck with what to do, read or listen to next?

We are here to be your social saviour each month. Whether it’s an event to network at, or a video that inspires, you’ll never be lacking. See below for February’s top picks to ensure you have the tools to always the most interesting person in the room.


Future Leaders Livestream | The art of productivity and time management - 28 February 

We’re officially back in to the events season and we’re kicking off with a bang! Best thing? It’s online!

The Future Leader’s Livestream discusses the art of productivity and time management. Being effective with your time and productivity are key tools required for success in life and professionally.

Giles Watson, who has previously managed the Queensland Law Society’s Practice Management Course (for new principals) for 6 years: writing study guides, designing, developing and delivering sessions AND hosted over 100 sessions, will provide guidance on how practitioners can operate at their optimal level by honing these fundamental skills.

Held online on February 28, you’ll walk away with new ideas on how to do-the-do and earn a fresh CPD point.  Attending is only $30 – that’s a bargain in our eyes!

Registrations will open soon so keep an eye on the upcoming events section on the QLS website for more information.

The MOST Self-Destructive Habit | Simon Sinek

Feeling like you aren’t achieving as much as your peers are, or constantly comparing yourself to others? This video is for you! Listen to Simon Sinek, an unshakable optimist and described as “a visionary thinker with a rare intellect”.

Simon has devoted his professional life to help advance a vision of the world that does not yet exist; a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single morning inspired, feel safe wherever they are and end the day fulfilled by the work that they do.

This video talks to why comparing ourselves to others might be natural, but also deadly. He gives guidance on how to take the energy you waste comparing and channelling it into your own successes.

A must watch to get inspired for the year!


Stand Up and Stand Out

Developing your advocacy skills is highly recommended for solicitors who are keen to further their careers.

But where do you begin? Read on to find out more!


Office space – creating workspaces for the post-pandemic world

Following the big lockdown, everybody who could work from home did, and reported amazing results.

Productivity was up, people exercised more, dogs were happier; inevitably, many have concluded that a massive shake-up as to how we work is upon us. Should it be?

Read Shane Budden’s, Special Counsel, Ethics, with the Queensland Law Society Ethics and Practice Centre, perspective.

Pimp My Mind: Why 'The Great Resignation' could be an opportunity for young lawyers

‘The Great Resignation’ is a term that has flooded the US over the last year and has slowly made its way to Australia. 


It was a term coined by an Associate professor in a Texas University, in response to millions of US workers suffering burnout, re-evaluating work-life-balance in light of the pandemic and quitting their jobs. But what does it mean for the Australian legal profession? What does it mean for young lawyers?

We spoke to QLS’ Nicole Whiteoak, People and Culture Business Partner, and Lauren Phelps, QLS’ previous Professional Development Manager, for their perspectives on ‘The Great Resignation’.  


Did you hear that we’ve recently launched a podcast? Well, let us introduce ‘The Callover’!

The Callover is a Queensland Law Society podcast created by young lawyers, for young lawyers. The QLS Future Leaders Committee is dedicated to inspiring a generation of connected, capable and healthy young lawyers.

Join us, as we invite guests to share their experiences in the law, unpack issues relevant to young lawyers and gain some insights into the future of lawyering.

Available on all of your podcasting platforms – run, don’t walk!

The first two episodes are juicy with great advice from some incredible industry experts!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6VqUxPzIWIUuKzWp24gLwx

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/sa/podcast/the-callover/id1591523119

(P.S. if you subscribe you’ll get a notification of when new episodes are released, so we definitely think you should do that!


Ok ok ok – we KNOW this one is not in Feb... BUT... It’s the premier event of the year!

Registrations are open for the 2022 Symposium!

Symposium is the biggest industry event in Queensland! You’ll hear from over 40 expert presenters, across 7 streams, in major practice areas!

Here are the deets:

QLS Symposium
11 March 2022
Brisbane / Online
 10+ CPD

Tickets are selling super quick so make sure you get in! We are constantly updating the website with new info on speakers, presenters and experiences on offer so make sure you check it out.  


That’s a wrap! Hope you found something that piques your interest and delivers on our promise of us being your social saviour.